[Nelug] Slightly Off Topic: Invoicing/Service Providing

Marcel Hecko maco at maco.sk
Wed May 28 12:28:33 UTC 2008

Hey Scott,
I have ended up writing my own code like that based on PHP and MySQL - 
it took me about 4 hours - Im free to consult the system with you, 
although my code is far from being stable enough and flexible to be 
opened up.

Let us know how did you manage.


Scott Wilcox wrote:
> Hey folks.
> I currently provide various services for friends and family who 
> willingly pay for them. I currently do everything manual invoice and 
> reminder wise and its a little tedious sometimes.
> I know that many folks here do similar things to this and provide 
> hosting/services too - which is why I'm asking here.
> Does anyone have any recommendations for something preferably web 
> based (although not a requirement! and if it web based, then php/mysql 
> preferred) that will handle a list of clients, services, invoices etc.
> Any hints/ideas appreciated, I don't really want to end up writing a 
> system myself but I can see it coming down to that.
> Scott.
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