[Durham] new member, linux san, linux roles

Andrew Critchlow critchlow.a at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 17:14:03 UTC 2011

 Hello everyone,

I am new to the Durham Linux User Group.

I had few discussion points I thought i'd open up to everyone!

Firstly, linux jobs: has anyone any experience working in a linux role and
with which distribution? I am interested to know what technologies some of
the big organissations are using out there on there linux servers. Apache
being the most common but I'm guessing some unknown bespoke

Secondly, Linux Virtulization: How good is it? We have the ability for
whats similar to Vmotion but what about shared storage? SAN? HP's Lefthand
SAN is currently linux based which uses what is effectively a GLBP address
to spread the load across the SAN controllers (which are just HP servers).
Anyone know of a project out there for Linux SAN implementations over
ISCSI? This may be asking a bit too much but I'm thinking along the lines
of being able to RAID over multiple physical boxes and have a management
interface for creating LUNs etc.

Thanks all, look forward to your responses!

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