[Durham] Wake on Lan over Internet

Richard Patterson Richard at helpquick.co.uk
Sat Mar 24 10:26:20 UTC 2012

> In theory, you just need to open a port on the router which forwards to the
> PC you want to wake. Then just send a packet to that port which contains
> somewhere within it the magic string:
> 6 bytes of 0xFF followed by 16 copies of the 48 bit MAC address.
> This string can appear anywhere in the packet.
> That's the theory, anyway! I haven't tried it in practice.

I would imagine that you'd need to set a static arp entry on the router for the PC in question... Otherwise when it's off / asleep, it'll not be replying to arp requests. And the packet will never be sent (ICMP Destination unreachable will be returned?)



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