[Durham] Wireless router recommendations

Martin Ward martin at gkc.org.uk
Sun Sep 2 16:25:56 UTC 2012

My venerable WRT54G-TM, running Mega DD-WRT, seems to have
lost its wireless capability: the wireless network cannot be seen
by any of my wireless devices. Also the "Enable Info Site"
setting has started to reset itself periodically,
so I am looking for a replacement.

Wireless routers seem to follow an "inverse Moore's Law"
in which later models have steadily *less* memory
than earlier ones:


The WRT54G-TM model (which has the most memory)
is becoming hard to find.

What is a suitable replacement?

My main requirement is that it run SNMP, so that I can
use gkrellm to check on upload and download speeds,
but something which can run the mega version of dd-wrt
would be preferred.


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