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Richard Patterson richard at helpquick.co.uk
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I seem to recall that we did an import with SET GLOBAL 
sql_mode='NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO' first, before you changed it to the 
SESSION version.

"Setting the |GLOBAL| variable requires the |SUPER| privilege and 
affects the operation of all clients that connect from that time on"

So when we did it the first time, it set it for *future* connections, 
including the website.

Doing it with just SET SESSION, would only effect the current session 
(the import).

So, try opening a mysql prompt, and do the above SET GLOBAL.

then try your website stuff...



On 20/11/2013 15:55, Dougie Nisbet wrote:
> Thanks for all your help - those who were at last night's NELUG, but ....
> bizarrely, I can't transfer the knowledge.
> I have tried exporting the data to a MAC Mini, and iMAC, and, ANOTHER 
> identical Macbook to the one we used last night. All will retrieve 
> records, will not save data. It's possible to enter data into the 
> fields, but they are not saved.
> So what's different? I don't know. I've dumped the data from the 
> Macbook, and even tried copying the raw files over to other servers. 
> I've included Dave's last minute finding of:
> tried with it and without it.
> I've copied the entire /Library/WebServer structure from the macbook 
> to other machines.
> So what did we do last night on the macbook that I'm missing? Am I 
> going to have to do a Crimewatch like reconstruction of last night's 
> events to try and recall what configuration change was made that seems 
> to be unique to the macbook? I was beginning to think it was hardware 
> specific - but having tried migrating it to an identically specced 
> macbook and having the same problem makes me think that there's some 
> unique config change on last night's macbook.
> Yours stumped,
> Dougie
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