[Durham] Help required to confirm a problem.

Barry Titterton titterton.barry at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 09:47:42 UTC 2014


Can someone on the list please help me by confirming a problem with 

I find that documents created using Libreoffice 4 (Ubuntu 14.04) do not 
always display the same when opened using LO 3 (Ubuntu 12.04).
I have created a test document. It is an A4 document, in landscape, with 
two columns. Only the left hand column contains text:-


- Open this in both LO 3 and LO 4, and it looks the same.

- Now change the font to FreeSans, save a copy and open it again in both 
LO 3 and LO 4. On my machines, when viewed using LO 4, it has text only 
in the left hand column, but when viewed using LO 3 the text has 
expanded in to the right hand column as well.

I would appreciate it if someone can confirm whether this behaviour is a 
Libreoffice bug, or is it just something strange about my set up.


Barry T

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