[Durham] Google Nexus 7

Dan Dart lug at dandart.co.uk
Wed Jul 23 21:21:17 UTC 2014

I have a nexus 7 2012 edition but sadly it's been smashed twice. I managed
to squeeze a free new one from their clinging hands since it was the
official case that did it the first time as it costs 7/8 of the price of
the full device and isn't covered by any warranties or guarantees (I
thought that's what they were for, right?)

Doubtful I'll get a replacement again... But my tips would be:

1. Don't smash the screen :P
2. Don't use a case!

In modification news I believe the Ubuntu mobile version for nexus 7 2013
(only .. Boo!) is supposed to be stable! So it's a good reason to have one.

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