[Durham] GPG with multiple devices

Richard Mortimer richm at oldelvet.org.uk
Fri Sep 5 10:47:33 UTC 2014

Hi All,

On 22/08/2014 15:57, mark wrote:
>> As for venue I'm sure we'll be able to use the IT classroom at the
>> rowing club one evening. That's got a projector etc. If we can work
>> out a date (maybe the next meeting date - or maybe wait until
>> October so that university term has started to increase possible
>> participants) then I'll have a word with Mark (rowing club manager)
>> about using the room.
> That sound like an excellent plan, Richard. I'd be in favour of making
> it the October LUG meeting and also publicising it on
> https://www.cryptoparty.in/parties/upcoming if that's OK with everyone?

I've booked the Rowing Club classroom for the evening of the 21st 
October. I guess we just need to organise the rest the actual 
cryptoparty now!

I don't really know what the next steps need to be but obviously it 
needs a bit of thought put into it. I'm happy to co-ordinate the 
keysigning part of the party unless anyone has a burning desire to do it 


P.S. For those who have never been in classroom before. It's the last 
door on the left at the end of the main corridor in the boathouse. The 
bar staff have the keys for the room and will open/close it as we 
require on the evening.

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