[Durham] Reminder: Meeting next Tuesday

Richard Patterson richard at helpquick.co.uk
Mon Sep 15 18:42:21 UTC 2014

Thanks Mark,

I know I was talking to someone last month about some broken laptops I 
have (or at least partly disassembled ones).

I also have some other kit going spare if there are any takers... I can 
bring them with me tomorrow.

1 x Dell PowerEdge 300 Server (2 x 80 GB and 2 x 500GB sata drives) 
Would make a good workgroup server, sounds noisy when you first turn it 
on, but settles down quickly.

1 x Dell Optiplex GX280 tower - complete with ram and hard drive - will 
make a good linux box.

Various other stuff, including a bag of ram sticks (pc133 ddr, ddr2, 
ddr3, laptop ram, desktop ram, etc.), HDMI cables, lcd screens from 
laptops (don't know what state they're in), webcams, laptop bags, etc.

Any takers?



On 11/09/2014 12:00, mark wrote:
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> Hi everyone,
> Richard's asked me to send out this month's reminder. Durham LUG meets
> next Tuesday (Sept 16th) at our usual venue, the Amateur Rowing Club,
> from 7.30 PM.
> I know we don't usually have an agenda as such, but there are a couple
> of things coming up which we should probably talk about (feel free to
> add suggestions of your own):
> Software freedom day
> - --------------------
> It's on Sept 20th (the Saturday after our meeting) and I don't know of
> anything happening in Durham to mark it. So I suggested we tidy up the
> 'what inspires you about FLOSS' thing [1] and put it on the blog as a
> group-authored piece, so at least we will have done something. If you
> do know any SFD events happening in Durham, please let the list know.
> CryptoParty
> - -----------
> The mission is to give basic cryptographic tools to the masses,
> reclaim the human right of privacy, and have fun. Thanks to DARC's
> generous offer of a classroom, our October (21st) meeting is going to
> be a cryptoparty [2]. Think of it as a themed meeting, with cake,
> extra promotion and hopefully lots of new people coming. The exact
> shape and size of it depends on who volunteers to do what, and whether
> we invite anyone else (e.g. open rights group) to come and play.
> That's all for now,
> Mark
> [1] http://piratepad.net/0FjDbClgpj
> [2] https://www.cryptoparty.in/durham
> (both of these are open for editing by anyone)
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