[Durham] Announcing RE-PUTE.IT, a social enterprise for green laptop re-use

mark mark at aktivix.org
Tue Jul 14 23:54:13 UTC 2015

Thanks Jonathan.

Jonathan Gowar:
> My only concern would be the possible lack of demand.

Yes, that's the biggy isn't it?

I'm hoping that a combination of approaches will create an appropriate
level of demand:

 - developing relationships with other socially-minded organisations
 - educating people about e-waste, maybe visiting school etc.
 - nice stickers for laptop lids that brag about how green you are
 - the offer of real community support and club membership
 - the "Free Software Advantage"

Of course my hope is for it to make enough money for at least one person
to live on, but if it falls short of that it could still be a worthwhile
thing to do, I hope.


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