[Durham] Announcing RE-PUTE.IT, a social enterprise for green laptop re-use

mark mark at aktivix.org
Wed Jul 15 00:18:22 UTC 2015

Thanks David. It's useful to have the weaknesses in the plan pointed out.

David Walland:
> However, most big companies already have arrangements in place to ensure
> that the WEEE Regs are complied with and this means that all their surplus
> computer etc hardware is fully recycled in compliance with the regulations
> and that this recycling is fully and correctly documented.  There are
> specialist companies which provide this service.  For the supply to take
> off, you'll have to be able to compete with these recycling companies in
> full documentation of compliance with the Regs including demonstrating how
> end of life disposal will be controlled.  Sorry mate but I think you'll
> struggle.

I'm sure I will.

The reports I've been reading suggest that about half of the UK's
e-waste is not correctly disposed of, which makes me think that there
may be scope for an approach that complements that of the big WEEE
operators. Perhaps SME's that haven't got their act together yet might
want to partner with a local social enterprise rather than a big
operator? Perhaps they think it might help their re-pute-ation; see what
I did there ;-)

I'm hoping to get all the necessary compliance processes in place over
time, but until then might be topping up stock by buying from WEEE
operators. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's done the training


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