[Durham] Help

mark mark at aktivix.org
Sat Apr 30 07:40:45 UTC 2016

Barry Titterton:
> This can also be a problem with Lubuntu as well, so Mint may have
> accidentally picked up the same bug.
> With Lubuntu's bug you can select any language at installation but on
> first boot the newly installed system always reverts to a US keyboard
> layout. Therefore if you used any of the special characters when setting
> your password during installation, you may find that you are
> accidentally typing different characters during your first log-in attempt.
> Jonathan's suggestion is a good one as it will get around this potential
> bug. When you manage to log-in you can then check what the keyboard is
> actually doing by trying each special character key in a Writer document.

I haven't been affected by that in Mint. However I did get hit by
something similar, which is that if you do an OEM install on an
encrypted LVM device, you don't get an opportunity to change your
keyboard layout before you have to set your LUKS password. This
naturally causes problems, as the initrd gets rebuilt after you run
updates, and the new initrd has your keymap correctly set.

Fun times.


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