[Durham] Help

Jonathan Gowar jon at whiteheat.org.uk
Thu Apr 28 14:51:07 UTC 2016

On 2016-04-28 12:09, A Pearson wrote:
> Hi Barry
> Thanks for that info. Its not to bad just moving a tower but out of
> the question to bring monitor and keyboards etc.
> This is something new since I was last there so I will bear it in
> mind.


   Alan, great to hear you got it working again.  You don't have to keep 
the password simple now it's working.   Here is what I'd suggest:

Open a terminal, from X is fine, and change the password to your liking:


Enter the current and new passwords, then test it works by switching to 
a virtual login; ctl-alt-f1 (f1-f6 IIRC), and enter the new details 
there.  If that works, great, but X could still be loading a different 
keymap on boot, but now we have a failsafe..

Logout of your X session and try the new password again, if it works = 
WIN :D else log back in the the virtual terminal session and change the 
password to something simple again.  At which point you will have access 
back to your machine ... but also I'd be out of ideas!

Happy hacking!

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