[Durham] personal "cloud" storage

mark mark at re-pute.it
Mon Feb 8 10:51:29 UTC 2016


Some of us were talking in the December meeting about options for
personal "cloud" services (i.e. putting your stuff on other people's
computers[1]). I mentioned owncloud [2] which is great if you or a
friend is willing to run a server stack, either in your spare room or
anywhere else in the world.

There were questions about where one could access a gratis owncloud
server instance which would be configured to encrypt all of your data at
rest. I didn't know, but now have found one: blaucloud [3]. The first
2GB is gratis, if you want more you pay for it (in bitcoin if you like).


[1] https://fsfe.org/contribute/spreadtheword.en.html#nocloud
[2] https://owncloud.org/
[3] https://www.blaucloud.de/en
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