[Durham] reminder: LUG meeting

mark mark at aktivix.org
Thu Feb 11 12:23:55 UTC 2016

Just to remind you, the next meeting of the Durham Linux Users Group is
on Tuesday 16th Feb from 7.30 PM at Durham Amateur Rowing Club.

Hopefully we'll be in the classroom building a display for our hosts -
see below.


> The proposal is to use the Bush TV which is currently above the bar to
> make an information display screen mounted to the wall in the corridor
> of the club house. This should be easily reconfigured to display
> slide-shows of images or text.
> Probably this will be fed from the HDMI output of a networked raspberry
> pi, but there are many different ways the software could be set up, one
> popular option being to have it auto-start a full-screen browser to load
> content from a server elsewhere, to which text or images could be
> uploaded from anywhere; another option is to have a lightweight server
> running on the pi and outputting a slide-show, accessed from the LAN. A
> firm conclusion wasn't reached.
> We decided to dedicate our February meeting to a hack session in the
> rowing club classroom, to get something working. Meanwhile people can
> look at software including http://www.concerto-signage.org/overview

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