[Durham] website refresh / wordpress-themed club night

mark mark at re-pute.it
Tue Jan 5 09:53:14 UTC 2016

Happy new year everyone.

Our website [1] is looking a bit neglected at the moment and I thought
it might be good to kick off 2016 by having a general tidy-up and a chat
about how to make the best use of it.

One way to go about that would be to have a wordpress-themed club night
(our website uses the wordpress CMS [2]). This could, for example, mean
asking the rowing club if we could use the classroom instead of the bar
for our next meeting; someone doing a 10-minute 'intro to wordpress'
talk; having a facilitated group discussion about what we want the site
to do; splitting into small groups to work on different tasks; and so on.

How does that sound?

Does anyone else want to manage/facilitate this process? I'm only
speaking up because I think it needs doing, but if someone else wants to
lead it I'm happy to take a back seat.

By the way, the re-pute.it support club starts this Saturday (11am-2pm
at Room 2, Alington House [3]) and if any LUGers wants to volunteer to
help my customers and/or hang out, you're welcome.


[1] http://www.nelug.org.uk/
[2] https://wordpress.org/
[3] http://alingtonhouse.org.uk/
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