[Durham] website refresh / wordpress-themed club night

Richard Mortimer richm at oldelvet.org.uk
Tue Jan 5 10:28:28 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Happy new year too!

Giving the website a bit of TLC sounds like a good idea. I know people
have asked in the past if the LUG is still running because the site
looks pretty dormant. That I probably should apologise because I'm not
sure if I'll be able to make the January meeting because I've quite a
lot on this month.

Other than that I've been thinking along a couple of lines:

1 - introducing themed nights like you suggest. We used to do that when
the LUG first started round about 2000. I was thinking about
volunteering to do a session on IPv6. I did one on IPv4 in 2000 and
figured that given that now is good for an update. 2016 is likely to be
the year of wide v6 deployment in the UK (BT, Sky & Virgin Media are
well advanced in roll out plans). I've been running it for 6+ years now
but in the past year it really has really started to become widely
available on the server side.

I'm sure there are a couple of other ideas that we could use to run 3 or
4 themed session nights a year. It just relies on interested people to
come up with ideas and volunteer.

2 - as a group I think it would be good if we could give something back
to the rowing club/community. We've used the clubhouse, mostly for free,
since the extension opened in 2009. I don't think there's an immediate
cause for concern but big commercial functions are always going to take
priority over our small group. It would be nice to have some examples
that the supportive members of the club management team can use to argue
our case.

I've got a few project ideas that would be useful to the club and which
nicely fit into our linux interests without being too onerous. Some
improve the infrastructure in the clubhouse and others help to run the
regattas based out of the clubhouse. I've started to work on an outline
of some of these and will send that round later today.



On 05/01/2016 09:52, mark wrote:
> Happy new year everyone.
> Our website [1] is looking a bit neglected at the moment and I thought
> it might be good to kick off 2016 by having a general tidy-up and a chat
> about how to make the best use of it.
> One way to go about that would be to have a wordpress-themed club night
> (our website uses the wordpress CMS [2]). This could, for example, mean
> asking the rowing club if we could use the classroom instead of the bar
> for our next meeting; someone doing a 10-minute 'intro to wordpress'
> talk; having a facilitated group discussion about what we want the site
> to do; splitting into small groups to work on different tasks; and so on.
> How does that sound?
> Does anyone else want to manage/facilitate this process? I'm only
> speaking up because I think it needs doing, but if someone else wants to
> lead it I'm happy to take a back seat.
> By the way, the re-pute.it support club starts this Saturday (11am-2pm
> at Room 2, Alington House [3]) and if any LUGers wants to volunteer to
> help my customers and/or hang out, you're welcome.
> Cheers,
> Mark
> [1] http://www.nelug.org.uk/
> [2] https://wordpress.org/
> [3] http://alingtonhouse.org.uk/

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