[Durham] minutes (was: Re: rowing ideas)

mark mark at aktivix.org
Wed Jan 20 14:16:20 UTC 2016

For the benefit of anyone who wasn't there last night, we had a good
chat about the proposals Richard M has given us for some tech projects
around the rowing club and regatta.

There was a lot of enthusiasm and varied ideas about how to take them
forwards. It was noted that some of them have many different possible
solutions, and people might choose to get involved in different ways
according to what skills they have and which skills they want to develop.

We agreed that there should be a separate thread on this list for each
of the seven projects. If we all practice strict thread discipline this
will mean that people can killfile/ignore the ones they're not
interested in and participate in those they are.

I'll start those threads up now.


Richard Mortimer:
> Ideas enclosed. I've tried to make them relatively compact. There is
> some overlap between each of them but for the most part they could be
> done by different individuals/groups.
> Regards
> Richard
> On 05/01/2016 10:27, Richard Mortimer wrote:
>> 2 - as a group I think it would be good if we could give something back
>> to the rowing club/community. We've used the clubhouse, mostly for free,
>> since the extension opened in 2009. I don't think there's an immediate
>> cause for concern but big commercial functions are always going to take
>> priority over our small group. It would be nice to have some examples
>> that the supportive members of the club management team can use to argue
>> our case.
>> I've got a few project ideas that would be useful to the club and which
>> nicely fit into our linux interests without being too onerous. Some
>> improve the infrastructure in the clubhouse and others help to run the
>> regattas based out of the clubhouse. I've started to work on an outline
>> of some of these and will send that round later today.
>> Regards
>> Richard
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