[Durham] regatta desktop PCs & printer

mark mark at re-pute.it
Wed Jan 20 14:49:29 UTC 2016

Configure, setup and manage a number of desktop linux systems with
attached printer in the Regatta Start area (also a wireless access point).

Key Features

• 2 or 3 Linux desktops in the portacabins in the Regatta Start area.
• The primary use of the desktops is to access a number of web
applications that are accessible over the regatta network. Hence a web
browser is the key application. Libreoffice would be a useful tool too.
• USB printer attached to one of the desktops which is available to
other computers via the network. If possible it would be good to have it
exported in a manner that is usable by Windows/Mac computers that maybe
in the same location.
• Equipment powered by a diesel generator with UPS available for key


The regatta uses a number of oldish computers to record racing
results/progress and to distribute paper copies of these results to
officials as well as to publish results via various online services
(Twitter and similar). A basic Ubuntu installation was performed by the
Durham LUG in 2015. This will need checking prior to the annual regatta
and in particular the printing capabilities will need revisiting to
ensure that the printer is supported and accessible via the network.


• Test/Refresh equipment/configuration in the weeks leading up to the
• Perform final setup/testing on the Friday afternoon/evening before the
• Equipment is to be located in the portacabins in the Start area. It
can be left in situ over the whole weekend because the cabins are secure
with regular on-site security patrols.
• It would be good to have on-site support during the weekend but this
could be provided as part of a group effort along with the other group


This task is essential for the regatta to proceed and having an
independent group who can take on the responsibility to configure/setup
leaves the core regatta team to concentrate on preparing the racing itself.

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