[Durham] regatta desktop PCs & printer

Barry Titterton titterton.barry at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 13:30:42 UTC 2016

On 20/01/16 14:49, mark wrote:
> Configure, setup and manage a number of desktop linux systems with
> attached printer in the Regatta Start area (also a wireless access point).
> Key Features
> • 2 or 3 Linux desktops in the portacabins in the Regatta Start area.
> • The primary use of the desktops is to access a number of web
> applications that are accessible over the regatta network. Hence a web
> browser is the key application. Libreoffice would be a useful tool too.
> • USB printer attached to one of the desktops which is available to
> other computers via the network. If possible it would be good to have it
> exported in a manner that is usable by Windows/Mac computers that maybe
> in the same location.
> • Equipment powered by a diesel generator with UPS available for key
> components.
> Description
> The regatta uses a number of oldish computers to record racing
> results/progress and to distribute paper copies of these results to
> officials as well as to publish results via various online services
> (Twitter and similar). A basic Ubuntu installation was performed by the
> Durham LUG in 2015. This will need checking prior to the annual regatta
> and in particular the printing capabilities will need revisiting to
> ensure that the printer is supported and accessible via the network.
> Tasks
> • Test/Refresh equipment/configuration in the weeks leading up to the
> regatta.
> • Perform final setup/testing on the Friday afternoon/evening before the
> regatta.
> • Equipment is to be located in the portacabins in the Start area. It
> can be left in situ over the whole weekend because the cabins are secure
> with regular on-site security patrols.
> • It would be good to have on-site support during the weekend but this
> could be provided as part of a group effort along with the other group
> projects.
> Priority
> This task is essential for the regatta to proceed and having an
> independent group who can take on the responsibility to configure/setup
> leaves the core regatta team to concentrate on preparing the racing itself.

Setting up these PCs and printer sounds like the sort of straight
forward job that I can tackle. I am available most weekdays as well as
weekends, preferably in the afternoon. I will also be available on the
Friday afternoon/evening of the regatta weekend to set up the system in


Can you contact me about the details such as collecting the PCs that
need software installing?

Barry T

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