[Durham] Regatta Telephone (VOIP) System

mark mark at re-pute.it
Wed Jan 20 15:01:10 UTC 2016

Configure and setup a VOIP system that provides a number of extensions
at key locations around the regatta site.

Key Features

• Onsite VOIP PABX connected into the regatta wired/wireless network.
• Extensions provided at Start, Finish, Commentary, Results, Regatta
control and other key points around the site.
• Magic extensions/feeds to capture commentary, starter and finish PA
system traffic. Provide access to said traffic via conference call
numbers or similar.
• If possible record the conference call traffic for post-regatta use to
resolve any queries regarding individual races.
• Ideally a silent/visual call notification for the commentator's
extension to avoid interference with commentary traffic.
• Medium term – would like this extended to allow communication with
umpires locations downstream of Elvet Bridge.


The regatta uses handheld radios to communicate between various
locations. These work well but have some problems due to range and use
in locations where excess noise (near the commentary microphones) can
cause problems. A few locations would benefit from a continuous
broadcast of traffic from start/finish/commentary microphones to allow
remote locations to monitor traffic and to record information without
having to rely on radio operators to transmit information at the right


• Setup a suitable VOIP system in the weeks leading up to the regatta.
Possibly using something like a Raspberry PI to provide the PABX (but
may need something bigger for conference/recording).
• Some equipment already exists but has never been setup fully. As such
there is really a blank canvas to suggest what additional equipment is
required and to work out a suitable software suite to provide the PABX
feature set.
• Install/configure equipment before racing begins each morning (it is
not safe to leave equipment in the open overnight due to vandals) prior
to racing. Start area network required roughly 1 hour before racing
begins. Finish area network required roughly 20 minutes prior to racing.
• Be on hand during the racing day in case a problem arises.
• Remove equipment after racing completes each evening.


This task is a nice to have but is not essential for the regatta to proceed.
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