[Durham] additional projects

mark mark at re-pute.it
Wed Jan 20 15:02:50 UTC 2016

The following are decidedly non-essential but are nice to have. If
someone has a burning desire to give one a go we can go into more detail.

• Extend regatta network downstream below Elvet Bridge. It would be
useful to have good connections at the Long Course finish by Count's
House and also at Kingsgate Bridge. The former would help with results
gathering and the latter would be useful to help to hook an additional
long course commentator into the commentary system.
• Video/still picture feeds from start/finish. Useful to help resolve
queries after the fact and also to allow some ability for regatta
control to monitor things. Longer term this could be developed into an
online broadcast of the regatta.
• Commentary feed into Durham ARC clubhouse. For various reasons it is
not possible to provide commentary speakers in the area adjacent to the
clubhouse. But it would be nice to provide a feed within the clubhouse
that is broadcast over the PA system in the hall etc. This would be a
natural follow on from capturing the commentary feed in a VOIP system.

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