[Durham] MINT & BIOS

Barry Titterton titterton.barry at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 00:02:16 UTC 2017

On 04/12/17 21:10, A Pearson wrote:
> Barry
> Thanks but I am sure the keyboard is OK.  Its working everywhere else. 
> I am quick off the mark as there is little time to act when the enter
> screen shows.  I have had some success today.  I disconnected the Linux
> drive and managed to access the Windows drive and also get into the
> BIOS. so there does no seem to be any malfunction there as it operates
> normally so I made a quick backup with Acronis. I have not reconnected
> the Linux drive at this point in case someone has an answer.  I did
> change the mouse though because at first it was not entering my password
> but after a reboot it was OK except when I tried to enter Acronis where
> it was only giving  a vertical line movement. Strange one but the other
> mouse did the trick
> Thanks again
> Alan

Hi Alan,

I have done a little research and you are not alone with being unable to
access BIOS after installing/updating Linux. I have a possible cause of
your problem. It stems from you installing the OS on to each drive
separately. I think the Windows drive is expecting a legacy BIOS
installation, while the Linux drive is expecting a UEFI installation.
UEFI has a Fast Boot option which ignores the DEL key (which you need to
get in to the BIOS settings).

This web page may give you some clues:-


My knowledge of UEFI is very limited so I do not know how you can fix
your problem. I hope other more knowledgeable members of this mailing
list may be able to help.

Barry T

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