[Durham] Printers on Linux

mark mark at aktivix.org
Sun Nov 19 18:35:00 UTC 2017

A Pearson via Durham:
> I believe Mint is base on a Ubuntu fork and ultimately derived from Debian.  Am I  that correct?


> The reason for asking is that there are a number of drivers each for scanner or printer.  I am assuming the ones I need are the two named Debian Package Archive (not rpm- RedHat).

Assuming you've already tried the auto-detection system in Mint, you'll
be looking to download a .deb file and a pgp signature with which to
verify it

> Hope you can advise me as I have got fed up trying unblock a print head and hope to make a new purchase this weekend.

I've found warm water and blotting paper does fine for unblocking inkjet
heads. If you're thinking of getting a different printer, please don't
buy a new one, there are regular giveaways e.g. on freegle.in/durham and
you just need to check you get a suitable one by searching for it on


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