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Hi Mark Rob & Barry

Thanks for your replies.

The old Canon BJC 4200 going back to the mid nineties and in fact my first printer lasted longer than many others but finally gave up the ghost with blocked nozzles in the print head carrier..  The usual warm wet kitchen paper towel did not do the trick this time and I had also tried standing water, on top of the head dome and forcing it in and out with a syringe with  silicon tube to fit, even short blasts from an air duster failed in both directions as did flushing alcohol. I did get one reasonable nozzle test from it but that was all so I assume some solids had settled in the nozzles again making it unreliable. I had been refilling for many years.  So its ready for the tip.

I hope I have been right in assuming Debian drivers will be alright for Mint as I decided today to go and buy a Canon MG5750. They were selling for just under £50 at Currys Black Friday sale which was  too good to miss so as they also cover Win XP I decided to get one while some for XP were still available.  So its a good photo printer for the price.  I had looked at Brother as suggested  but did not have space for an A3 model. The smaller ones may have  been acceptable but not being familiar with the make decided on Canon.
Just realised that some of Marks reply is interlaced making my comments at the start of this paragraph unnecessary.
I was intending to get the drivers from the Canon site and hoping to install them as I would on Windows but of course through Linux on its own drive. I was not expecting any pgp, is this encryption?  Maybe we can discuss on Tuesday.  Obviously I would try the auto detection first but  was not too hopeful with Canon not being overflush with drivers. I have not got that far yet.


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  > I believe Mint is base on a Ubuntu fork and ultimately derived from Debian.  Am I  that correct?


  > The reason for asking is that there are a number of drivers each for scanner or printer.  I am assuming the ones I need are the two named Debian Package Archive (not rpm- RedHat).

  Assuming you've already tried the auto-detection system in Mint, you'll
  be looking to download a .deb file and a pgp signature with which to
  verify it

  > Hope you can advise me as I have got fed up trying unblock a print head and hope to make a new purchase this weekend.

  I've found warm water and blotting paper does fine for unblocking inkjet
  heads. If you're thinking of getting a different printer, please don't
  buy a new one, there are regular giveaways e.g. on freegle.in/durham and
  you just need to check you get a suitable one by searching for it on



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