[Gllug] How can a write to a re-writable cd?

Lesh lzz at breathemail.net
Thu Jun 28 02:42:27 UTC 2001

I'm using a HP cd writer 9300 series and Linux 2.4 loads the scsi-ide module to handle it.  Although ytree can read from disks that are mounted a simple command like od -ha /dev/hdd returns zero size even though media is loaded.  It seems impossible to write to this device.  Is there something silly I'm missing or is it just not possible to write to cd writers (or mine in particular).  I'm using Mandrake 8.0.
Using fdisk also complains about the zero size and syslog suggests that command (0) (Test Unit Ready) fails!
I'd happily alter the scsi-ide.c module (which emulates a SCSI interface for ide drives) if I knew where I could get an ATAPI spec for the drive, but the HP web site seems to have only "user" documentation - nothing seriously technical. 
Thanking you in advance,
lzz at breathemail.net
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