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Jim Cheetham jim at gonzul.org
Fri Jun 22 12:52:46 UTC 2001

At 12:11 22/06/2001 +0000, you wrote:
>If people are really into their cabling and networking can I recomend a
>The Network Adminisrator's Reference ISBN 0-07-882588-1

As before with a couple of plusses that are "recommended" but I haven't read.

5* O'Reilley _Ethernet_ (isbn:1-56592-660-9)
4* [Internetworking with TCP/IP, Vol 1: Principles, Protocols and 
Architecture, Douglas Comer, isbn:0130183806]
4* [TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1: The Protocols, W. Richard Stevens, 
4* (O'Reilly "TCP/IP Network Administration", isbn:0-937175-82-x)
5* Unix System Administration Handbook, Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Scott 
Seebass, Trent Hein, isbn:ISBN: 0130206016
?* Internet Core Protocols: The Definitive Guide, Eric Hall, ISBN: 1565925726
?* Network Programming with Perl, Lincoln D. Stein, ISBN: 0201615711
?* Kerberos: a Network Authentication System, Brian Tung, ISBN: 0201379244

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