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Fri Jun 29 13:42:37 UTC 2001

I apologise if this is too simplistic but I don't know what level of knowledge 
you are at, anyway I once spent days trying to change directories :-)

Boot into Windows connect to the internet with your winmodem follow the 
links the other people have directed you to and save them in a directory.

Boot up Linux mount your windows partition by either using the command line 
tool mount or cheat if you have KDE2 use the disk free utility to mount 
the directory you can then browse the saved pages using Konquer.

Corel paint may suit you more than GIMP I think it is available as a download 
 if you hold off a while on graphics side a lot of Mac software is going 
to be ported to OS X and hence no doubt to BSD, Linux and other Kernels.

Training is a bit more tricky try your local colleges, Bromley college does 
a Linux courses pretty cheaply (£200) but it is a way out for you.  Also 
remember that the government will give you up to £150 quid off some courses 
meaning you may only end up paying £50 or so for the course.  Ask before 
you enroll and remember that you may need to give a few weeks for the wheels 
of bureaucracy to grind on with the training grant

Hope this helps 


At Thu, 28 Jun 2001 18:59:04 +0100, "Simon Bunker" <sibunks at hotmail.com> 

>I just joined this group so I hope you don't mind me jumping straight 
>in -
>plus is it just me or are there a hell of a lot of Simon's in one place 
>- oh
>well here's another ;o)
>I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any decent and most
>importantly - recognised - training courses for learning more about 
>Linux. I
>have recently put Red Hat 7.1 on my system and it is up and running 
>with Windows 2000 pro - unfortunately I only have a win modem so I can't
>connect to the net through Linux (are there any ways around that - don't
>havea clue who made my internal modem) or any other machines so there 
>only so much I can do with it. I'd really like to have a piece of paper
>showing I know something about it. Cheap evening course in North/Central
>London would be best - particualarly as a lot of companies in the area 
>want to get into - graphics - are moving towards Linux on the desktop 
>(and I
>can't afford an SGI to get IRIX experience!)
>Also does anyone know any decent video/3D/2D programs on Linux - preferably
>pro ones with trials. The Gimp and BMRT are good but beyond that quality
>plummits quite rapidly in the free area of the market - don't even get 
>started on Blender.... Also is there anyway of unifying the windows 
>in The
>Gimp so that there aren't a million seperate windows floating around 
>- that
>is my biggest annoyance with the program.
>Anyway just thougt I'd say hello - is the monthly meet going to be held 
>CFC any time in the future again? Also there is a nice similar location 
>The Moving Picture Company.
>UIN 11123737
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