[Gllug] A Bit KT7 and NT

Lee Blackwell lee_blackwell at eur.3com.com
Tue Jun 26 12:35:05 UTC 2001

>      I have also been advised to get vmWare because it works a treat
> and you can effectively rollback any fsck ups. Is there a special
> price if you are a Student and does being a member of the OU count as
> one.
I use VMWare all day long (unlucky me) in a corporate environment.  You
can roll changes back, but you'd have to keep copies of your hard disk
images (ie. C: = 2Gb file under ~/vmware/ or whatever).  As long as you've
got lots of room...

There is an offer for on get VMware for $20, but I think it's aimed
towards US grads.



I paid about $200 for my full version.

If it counts any, NT hasn't crashed once under VMware....


Lee Blackwell
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