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colin murphy colin at ql4ever.demon.co.uk
Sun Jun 17 22:10:22 UTC 2001

Simon Martin wrote on Fri, 08 Jun 2001 11:31:00 +0100:
> Dear Colin,
> Hope you don't mind this coming out of the blue... I found your website
> through one of the Linux sites and I thought you
> might be able to help us with a charitable project.
> I am working on a charitable web site project and need a computer guru
> to supply a brain to pick :-) This is a very serious project indeed and
> will make a real difference to charities all over the world but also to
> the Linux community. Ten percent of funds we raise will be donated to
> the linux community, hopefully this will be a carrot to you :-)) We are
> expecting this to be a very substantial amount in time.
> I'm looking for a real *expert* programmer intimately familiar with
> things like Linux, php, general Linux programming, qmail, mySql etc,
> standard stuff I imagine (?), someone with the heart of a hippie and the
> head of
> a super-geek and a real commitment to open source software and changing
> the world :-))  I'm hoping to get some advice on the project I'm working
> on and there might even be a job at the end of it all if we get the
> thing to fly. First we need to know if what we want to do is possible...
> Obviously funds are in short supply so I'm hoping that we can get some
> advice 'pro bono' but if needs be I'm sure we can come up with a
> donation to someone's beer fund.
> Are you this person? Do you know this person?
> Hope you can help...
> Sincerely
> Simon Martin
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> Simon Martin
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> 020 8386 5828
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> *Please note my e-mail address is now 'simonmartin at mail105.com'*

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