[Gllug] Civilization for Linux

Andrew Halliwell ah at gnd.com
Wed Jun 20 22:15:32 UTC 2001

> Mike Brodbelt writes:
> >Personally, I agree - I'd be more than happy to release my code
> >as free software, but I'd be decidedly less than pleased if a
> >commercial interest then forked it, closed it, and sold it for
> >a profit.
> This happened to a friend of mine, who wrote the original xzx
> spectrum emulator. Someone else took over maintainership, and
> shortly afterwards, they forked a commercial version. He was
> lamenting the fact that he hadn't just GPLed it in the first
> place...

Aye, that pissed off all us speccy fans too.
It put back *nix speccy emulator development years. 
Only now, with fuse are we regaining lost ground. I've often wondered why
someone didn't get the pre-takeover sources, get permission to GPL THOSE and
fork it, eventually delivering the upstart a blow.


He (the upstart) did actually e-mail me once, saying his version was an
almost complete rewrite and he really should've renamed it.

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