[Gllug] lilo and monolithic kernels mystery

jim smith jim at xoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 22 11:03:04 UTC 2001

because i had a bit of an idle moment i decided to rebuild the kernel 
of our jukebox machine without module support, as its hardware is 
unlikely to change.

the kernel works fine, after a bit of manual twiddling to get the 
machine to boot, however lilo doesn't seem to have built a new 
System.map file for the system which is causing warnings all over the 

the problem as far as i can make out is that lilo gets confused by 
the lack of a ramdisk file for my kernel (which i don't need as i 
don't need to load a filesystem with modules in it) and refuses to go 
any futher.

any idea how i can get around this: mkinitrd is no use as, well, i 
don't need it (and it fails anyway)

the kernel is 2.4.5 while the lilo is the 0.21 that came with redhat 
6.1 - i can't see a more recent lilo anywhere. and there's no 
reference to forcing lilo to continue passed the ramdisk in the docs, 
as far as i can see.



jim smith
07961 319040
Sometimes I wish someone would port grep to everyday life.

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