Distro version numbers - Was:; Re: [Gllug] RH 7.1 -> 7.2 upgrade problems

Roger Whittaker roger at suse.co.uk
Sat Nov 24 15:24:43 UTC 2001

This is more than slightly unfair. SuSE people do major work on the
kernel, on X, on KDE and much else. The argument about the status of yast
is an old one and I think most people have heard both sides of it.

On Sat, 24 Nov 2001, David Damerell wrote:

> On Friday, 23 Nov 2001, Roger Whittaker wrote:
> >Thanks for this - people sometimes forget how much of the important
> >development work is funded and actually done by SuSE, RedHat etc - for
> >this to continue, we have to stay afloat.  This is harder just now than it
> Although, clearly, we really care about the people who work on free
> software and not non-free installation tools... so that would be Red
> Hat and not SuSE...


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