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Iain Nicholson iain at delphinus.demon.co.uk
Wed Oct 3 23:17:05 UTC 2001


I am a Physicist and worked at a nuclear powerstation for nearly 5 years,
so I reckon I'm qualified to give you some ideas for your SUPERcomputer

(1) Caluclate nuclear data for
   (i) radiaoactive dacay chains
(2) Model fission reactors in Real Time
   (i) Nuclear fuel cycle
   (ii) isotopic content
   (iii) radioactive decay chains
   (iv) fuel can failure probability
   (v) follow cores
   (vi) train reactor operators
   (vii) model fast reactors
   (viii) use (vii) to show that fast reactors are a safe and
environmentally friendly way to dispose of plutonium (if you don't
understand this, ask me)
(3) model plasmas in fusion reactors
   (i) You will knock 5 years off the time to market of a prototype fusion
(4) Model the Earth's climate
   (i) predict global warming
   (ii) redirection of Gulf Stream
   (iii) death of turtles etc.

(5) Model the climate history of Mars
   (i) predict when water existed
   (ii) predict what it did

(6) Model General Relativity problems numerically
   (i) black hole collisions
   (ii) stellar collapse to form white dwarves, neutron stars, black holes
   (iii) model the properties (gravitational, electromagnetic etc. ) of
the above

(7) Model the formation of protostellar disks (and solar systems) from
collapsiong gas clouds in the interstellar medium
   (i) show Earth-like solar systems forming around a single star
   (ii) show what would  happen around a double star system
   (iii) show what would happen around a triple star system

(8) show forming galaxies
   (i) show the formation of spiral arms (and therefore star-forming
regions) resulting from the presence of satellite galaxies
   (ii) show colliding galaxies  (forming elliptical galaxies?)

(9) Show the evelolution of the Universe and large scale structure (down
to galaxy foramtion)
  (i) Start at the Big Bang and incorporate each of the favourite teories
at the moment and see if they fit with observations

(10) Something with superstrings.

If you want any more ideas, tomorrow I will be sober...

Now get cracking, learn the physics and write the code!!!!!!!!!
You will have a resource too valuable to waste on parallel PovRay...

Live Long and Prosper

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> Ok, Matthew tried to get the message across but failed -
> so let me try again then :-)
> We ARE building this 'monsta' computer and if you want to use it (either for
> os dev or otherwise) please let us know so we can plan ahead!
> Drop us an email with your name, the project you are working on, daytime
> contact, etc etc. - mailto:mail at gardeneden.net
> The system spec's are: 560Ghz CPU speed, 1TB RAM, 2TB disk (1TB + 1TB
> mirrored). The 'puter will go live within the next two to three months.
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