[Gllug] The Network is the Computer?

Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Sun Sep 9 03:03:44 UTC 2001

On 06 Sep 2001 14:05:46 +0100, David Damerell wrote:

> >So why stop ay 100 Megabits? Put in ATM at 600+ Megabits?

> Presumably that would not be worth the extra cost.

I spent most of Saturday pm doing some contracting for a certain company
with some VA kit - they wanted bonding and various other things.

I have to say that performance was pretty damn good afterwards -
certainly 3 EEPRO100s going at nearly 300MBits is fast enough for most
things...except getting appletalk to work with it, but that I'm going to
bring up later this week on linux-network and so forth.

Sure ATM to the desktop would be *nice* (goodness knows I agree with
that) however I think it's actually far more important for trunking,
etc. when it really comes down to it - it really comes in to its own
when you have numerous connections from end to end, not just 3 or 4.


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