[Gllug] yaboot

Daniel Andersson daniel at equationmarketing.com
Mon Apr 29 10:59:50 UTC 2002

hello people

just bought a mac, g4 with a ide-drive.
installed debian 3.0 with the 2.2-kernel, everything works like a charm.
got a new kernel, compiled it
went into arch/ppc/boot/images and found about 7 images, tried using
vmlinux.elf-pmac which sounded quite good, can yabootconfig and the new
kernel was there.

wiha i thought, but no.
rebooted and yaboot reads the kernel and tries to unzip it and says
"DEFAULT CATCH!, code=300 at xSRR0: 010009c0  xSRR1: 00003030"

where x is a weird character..

any ideas?

thanks in advance

/ d

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