[Gllug] katabase

Andrew Richardson ahrichardson at clara.net
Sat Apr 20 14:38:08 UTC 2002


Cannot say I ever heard of 'katabase'.  There is however a KDE database 
program called Rekall which works as an 'Access' like front end to MySQL and 
Postgres etc.  There is a free version but it is very limited and not fully 
maintained.  The proper version costs money and is a vailable from the 
Kompany.  http://www.thekompany.com


On Saturday 20 April 2002 7:54 am, gllug wrote:
> I was reading a linux book and came across a reference to this part of the
> Koffice suite but it appears to have been removed or something can anyone
> tell me what happened to it?
> Simon

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