[:BLIP:]Re: [Gllug] Smart Media/Compact Flash reader

Jim jim at lateral.net
Sat Apr 20 02:19:53 UTC 2002

On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 08:02:49PM +0100, Adrian McMenamin wrote:
> On Friday 19 Apr 2002 7:55 pm, Adrian McMenamin wrote:
> > On impulse (and cos it was cheap) I bought a PC line SM/CF reader - its a
> > USB device.
> >
> > Any ideas how I might get it to work with 'nix?
> >
> > Adrian
> Apologies for replying to my own post but I can certainly see drivers listed 
> in patches for 2.4.18 kernels (I am using RH 7.2 so that is a bit further 
> along than I am) - its listed as an "unusual device" under the real 
> manufacturer name - DataFab.
> So how does that work then?

It might be time for you to pop your cherry and compile your own kernel.


It is not as difficult as it first appears and there will be plenty of
people willing to answer your questions on the list.

Peace Jim

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