[Gllug] compiling 2.5 kernels

Stephen Harker steve at pauken.co.uk
Thu Apr 18 15:02:19 UTC 2002

On Thu, 2002-04-18 at 15:07, Dave Jones wrote:

> Which more or less brings us up to date, where we have some IDE code
> that is in many places a lot nicer than it used to be, but as its
> still an ongoing thing, is still in a state of flux.
> We're getting there.. bit by bit.

I'm beginning to think that I might just play around with the 2.4 series
kernels instead because I really don't fancy letting this dodgy kernel
I'm building loose on my mp3 collection etc...

If I want to apply the 2.4.19-pre5-ac3 patch, do I patch it to a stable
2.4.18 source tree or is there something else I have to do first?

I tried it just now and I think I got it all wrong.


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