[Gllug] compiling 2.5 kernels

Dave Jones davej at suse.de
Thu Apr 18 15:59:32 UTC 2002

On Thu, Apr 18, 2002 at 04:02:19PM +0100, Stephen Harker wrote:

 > I'm beginning to think that I might just play around with the 2.4 series
 > kernels instead because I really don't fancy letting this dodgy kernel
 > I'm building loose on my mp3 collection etc...

Very wise. 2.5 is held together by lots of pieces of string at best
right now. I've been fortunate enough not to have lost anything so far
on all 3 of my 'victim' boxes, but I don't trust it enough for my
desktop/laptop just yet.

 > If I want to apply the 2.4.19-pre5-ac3 patch, do I patch it to a stable
 > 2.4.18 source tree or is there something else I have to do first?

get 2.4.18
apply 2.4.19-pre5 on top
apply 2.4.19-pre5-ac3 on top

 > I tried it just now and I think I got it all wrong.

Usually, taking the last - element off the name of the patch is what
you need to apply it to. 

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