[Gllug] European Health Systems

Mark Preston mark at markpreston.co.uk
Thu Apr 18 06:45:14 UTC 2002

Chris Bell wrote:-
   There has been a lot of party-political comparison between the British
and other European health systems. I understand that there is a complete
Open Source health records system available, and wondered how many other
health systems have to survive with M$. The difference between an expensive
system which is unreliable, and a free system which is (hopefully) stable,
could multiply the amount of money available for the real medical

I couldn't agree more with the sentiments you express Chris. However I am not 
aware of any complete Open Source health records system. Are you not 
confusing the GEHR (Good European Health Record) which began in Europe about 
10 years ago and has since become known as the Good Electronic Health Record?
See http://www.gehr.org/Documents/Brief_guide_to_gehr.htm
This is very much work in progress.

I have a site with a number of worldwide open source heathcare links to 
projects which may eventually replace the proprietary systems in use at 
present. But they are all very much in their infancy IMHO.
See http://www.gnusense.uklinux.net 

See also http://bmj.com/cgi/eletters/321/7267/976

for a number of letters discussing the present (in my view unacceptable)

Regards from Mark Preston

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