[Gllug] giFT: Kazaa/Morpheus replacement

John Hearns john.hearns at cern.ch
Thu Apr 18 09:19:11 UTC 2002

On Wed, 2002-03-27 at 17:30, Robert McKay wrote:

> One minor problem with running a node is it will use up all your bandwidth
> as people start downloading from you. In order to mitigate this I've found
> linux' tc QOS is a pretty good solution see
> http://www.prout.be/qos/QoS-connection-tuning-HOWTO.html.  It still sucks
> up all my bandwidth but all MY connections get priority and giFT gets the
> leftover so it's not detrimental at all. Now my cable modem activity LED
> is just on solid orange 24/7.. sucks for NTL but doesn't affect me. I
> expect this sort of thing will eventually lead to meetering of bandwidth
> but since it'll happen anyway we may as well milk it while we can.

I kinda disagree about your point of metering being inevitable.

then again you al know that I am/was an ATM enthusiast,
so I'm off on my own on some mountaintop howling
'told you so'.
Soem quote I read recently went along the lines of
'QoS for Ethernet fans means just flinging in more bandwidth'.

But anyway...
I'm not so sure that bandwidth metering is inevitable.
Why not blue sky - why should telcos be putting in networks
with contention ratios etc.?

Bandwidth is cheap these days - 10 gig ethernet is with us,
and is being used at Linx AFAIK.
There was a recent report of Bell Labs guys pushing an
enormous amount of bits down a fibre - and I think a comment
along the lines of 'Who will ever NEED this amount of bandwidth?'
IMHO, computing has been turned on its head from the days
when computing meant data centers with powerful mainframes,
linked by modem-class links.
(I'm so old I remember seeing the airline package cases in which
tapes used to be sent back by air to the UK from CERN).
Nowadays we talk about shipping Tbytes of data, and the analysis jobs
to go with them, across Europe.

But before anyone says it, yes the problem is the 'last mile'
to the house. That's expensive.

And, as you say and do, we need QoS.
Let that opportunistic Gift traffic take left-over bandwidth,
but make sure my video conference or phone call gets through.

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