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Axel Segebrecht axelslists at gardeneden.net
Sun Apr 14 02:51:45 UTC 2002

</snip> ... me neither!



This is what I just sent her:

From: Axel Segebrecht <axel.segebrecht at adamandeve.it>
Date: Sun Apr 14, 2002  02:49:34 AM Etc/GMT
To: fiona.harvey at ft.com
Subject: Your Comments in FT 13/04/02

REF: Quote from the back page of the magazine of the Financial Times on 

"Far from bringing openness and co-operation to the world of IT, Linux 
enthusiasts want to keep it as closed as possible, while collecting 
lavish praise from half-baked anti-capitalists so they can feel 
important.  After all, if these geeks could write real software they'd 
be working for a proper company.  Like Microsoft."
--Fiona Harvey

Dear Ms Harvey,

I find your comments hurtful to my endeavours and un-true! Since when 
does the FT allow to take sides anyway?
Did Microsoft pay you to spread dis-information and to rant very 
unprofessionally about a subject you don't
seem to have the faintest idea about?

There are millions of OpenSource developers on this planet who don't see 
a penny for their work and they
do work very hard to produce great FREE software for everyone.

Your comments are not only unfair but more so unjust!

If for any reason you may have encountered problems using Linux or 
OpenSource software in the past, there
is a huge community in the City to support you. Visit 
http://www.gllug.org.uk/ or call me (07050 693 482) and
I'll be happy to tell you more about it over a nice cup of tea.

Axel Segebrecht
Linux Enthusiast

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