[Gllug] Setting up ntl cable modem/DHCP?

Kim Hawtin kim at aldigital.co.uk
Sun Apr 21 09:53:45 UTC 2002

> I think I could be tantalisingly close to getting a cable modem up and
> running with my Debian box (Woody on a Compaq Professional Workstation
> 5000 PPro SMP) if I could just get my DHCP client to talk to my cable
> operator's DHCP server.

ok, im using a cable modem attaached to my debian box, and i use
pump (dhcp client) to get the lease. but i have to spoof the
hardware address of the network card that is in my laptop, because
that was the first machine to be setup using it.

the cable modem appears not to be able to assign a dhcp lease to any
other MAC than the one it was setup with...

if i set my eth0 to and point a web browser to, IIRC, then i can get a page with all the details
about how its setup... like what the MAC is that its set to give the
dhcp lease to.



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