[Gllug] Building a system from scratch

Dylan Brewis dylan at exoletus.fsnet.co.uk
Thu Apr 18 14:13:45 UTC 2002

Hey guys,

I *upgraded* to Linux about a year ago, and the learning curve seems to have 
levelled out at last. I'm not at a point where I want to go from using a 
distro (SuSE7.3 at present) to building a system from the ground up. I figure 
the only way to get a feel and understanding of how the system really works 
is to do that.

I've checked out LinuxFromScratch, but to be honest that's no more 
informative than footling around in the man pages: it says 'install these 
packages in this order and with these options' which is just about a manual 
installation so far as I can see.

So, can anyone point me to some decent resources - books or on line - which 
will help with the 'how it all fits together'; 'what the options mean'; and 
'why things work how they do' questions? I've had several trawls thru google, 
LDP etc..., but to be honest I'm caught in the *to study a subject, 
understand it fully before you start* paradox!


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