[Gllug] Async text-mode email agents

Jim Cheetham jim.gllug at gonzul.net
Tue Apr 16 09:13:40 UTC 2002

I'm using mutt, but I have what appears to be an insoluable problem - I
want message composition to not be synchronous with accessing my email.
And I'm in text mode, not under X, just to make life difficult.

When mutt replies/composes/whatever, it fires up an editor and waits for
you to finish writing the message before sending. There's no scope for
carrying out other email operations, which is a pain if you're writing
a long, involved message and want to check for other email in the

There are workarounds - you can save the current message, postpone the
message and get back to it later.
You can also define the editor command to spawn off another screen
(using screen :-), but the main mutt waits for completion from the child
You could define the editor to be another screen'd copy of mutt, forked
away, in which case you get the independant screen, you can immediately
return the child, but the parent mutt thinks the child fails, and you
don't get message flags updated.

Can anyone suggest another text-mode mail reader with mutt's level of
capabilities, and a way round this problem?


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