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Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Sun Apr 14 21:24:30 UTC 2002

On Sun 14 Apr, Adrian McMenamin wrote:
> On Sunday 14 Apr 2002 6:13 pm, Vincent AE Scott wrote:
> > Adrian McMenamin(adrian at mcmen.demon.co.uk)@Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 05:46:39PM 
> +0100:
> > > Until Linux starts making serious money people in the FT are going to
> > > continue tweaking our noses.
> >
> > are you saying that the FT only has respect for products/services that
> > have clearly been shown to make as much money as possible?
> >
> > well i can believe that, after all the hint is in the name.  ahh,
> > ignorance is bliss, we'll take over the world with our (free|open)
> > software and then depose them from the exalted positions they have
> > over us.
> Except that it's not is it - not in terms of real user experience. People at 
> desks are using MS Word on Windows NT.
> Server companies selling Linux are struggling to make any money at all. (With 
> the possible exception of IBM).
> Money is needed to pay for innovation and development - and MS has plenty of 
> that.
> And, no, that is not what I am saying about the FT: but until Linux either 
> ends up on the desktop or is seen as serious commercial/profitable option, 
> then those who write about IT will continue to be sceptical.
> I see no sign of Linux winning on the desktop at the moment, so its serious 
> money from servers that will win the war, I think.
> Adrian

   A friend who has supplied and maintained M$ systems for about 15 years or
more returned from a holiday in India nearly 2 years ago, saying that
everyone there was using Linux instead of M$. It is the only official
operating system in China. It is in widespread use in many other countries.
   We are well aware of the way that users have flocked to M$, but even
sheep will suddenly choose another leader and rush off in a new direction. I
understand that many more users (both private and corporate) are looking
very carefully at the latest time-limited software licences from M$.
   Software such as Open Office is now available for Linux, and I was told
that work is continuing on an international accountancy package. I do not
believe that Sage is mandatory.
   M$ consider Open Source Software good enough both to include in the
recent versions of windows, and use to provide their own internet services.
   There were UK government documents on Open Source Software last year
saying that Britain is catching up:


there is a request for comments


They are in both pdf and doc formats.

Chris Bell

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