[Gllug] Anti-Aliased fonts in X/Gnome

Darran D. Rimron-Molloy darran at rimron.co.uk
Sat Apr 6 01:09:04 UTC 2002

I know that some on the list (Tom, for example, seen your nice
screenshot) have gotten this working... but I am having problems...

Whenever I turn it on, on a font, fontclass or whatever, using gdkxft
(via the preload) it just makes everything a mess. 

Is there some other way to get AAfonts in Gnome 1.4 apps. ie have I
missed something. I have googled and FAQread for several hours, it seems
that everyone drones on upon how wonderful this is in QT, but naught
much on the GTK front.

Can anyone offer advice/xftconfig/gdkxft config. files to make my Ximian
desktop a nicer place? :)

	-Cheers, Darran

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