[Gllug] Anti-Aliased fonts in X/Gnome

Tom Gilbert tom at linuxbrit.co.uk
Sat Apr 6 14:37:44 UTC 2002

* Darran D. Rimron-Molloy (darran at rimron.co.uk) wrote:
> I know that some on the list (Tom, for example, seen your nice
> screenshot) have gotten this working... but I am having problems...
> Whenever I turn it on, on a font, fontclass or whatever, using gdkxft
> (via the preload) it just makes everything a mess. 
> Is there some other way to get AAfonts in Gnome 1.4 apps. ie have I
> missed something. I have googled and FAQread for several hours, it seems
> that everyone drones on upon how wonderful this is in QT, but naught
> much on the GTK front.
> Can anyone offer advice/xftconfig/gdkxft config. files to make my Ximian
> desktop a nicer place? :)

My config files for xftconfig/gdkxft are up on the downloads page. The
best advice I have is to make sure you have a good bunch of ttf fonts
set up so X can see 'em, and experiment with your gtk theme to get one
that uses a nice font.

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