[Gllug] Authnetication funny

Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 5 18:46:00 UTC 2002

On Thu 04 Apr, Alain Williams wrote:
> At least that is what I think the problem is.
> My kids are trying to access their school email account which is at
> 	www.thegrid.net.uk
> To send mail to their accounts means connecting to
> 	yankee.thegrid.org.uk
> I have a ADSL line (RedHat 7.2, 2.4.18 kernel) which NATs some machines behind it.
> They can access the web site by using a browser on a NATed machine, but not the
> ADSL/firewall/smtp/... box itself. Mail is stuck in the outgoing queue (on the firewal
> l).
> If I use telnet to connect (avoiding any misconfigured browser/...) ie:
> 	telnet www.thegrid.org.uk. www
> I see:
> 	tcp        0      1 freshmint.phcomp.:35156 charlie.thegrid.or:http SYN_SENT    6975/
> telnet         
> and it stays there till it times out. So the connect is not succeeding.
> The same thing happens with smtp.
> (freshmint.phcomp.co.uk is my firewall box, charlie.thegrid.org.uk is the real name of
>  www.thegrid.org.uk).
> I have tried taking the firewall down (for a bit), but no improvement.
> What really confuses me is that if I do this from a machine *behind* the firewall it w
> orks,
> so it can't be DNS, routing, ...
> Can someone please give me some clues as to what I have screwed up.
> Thanks
   ADSL may require POP3 because of a BT problem with smtp

Chris Bell

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